RUN BTS by Jin, a POEM to BTS Members

“We have worked so hard right? Someday we will get tired and just quit. I hope this is not that moment. I wrote it hoping for that” _Jin

GIYEOK by RM, a POEM to BTS Members

“The past is the past, the present is the present. These days I’ve been trying to find meanings in the past. I think I’m practicing the process. What we thought was cool back in the days. Back in the days we thought G*** V necks were the coolest things on earth. Thinking about old days,…

IT’S NO BIG DEAL by V, a POEM to BTS Members

“What I can say to you guys when we sometimes struggle was only ‘it’s no big deal’ (Lets overcome tough times saying that ) I wanted to remind you of the meaning of the phrase again” _ V