BTS Are The First EVER Male Cover Stars On Vogue Hong Kong Magazine Making History

“History Makers that has become synonymous with the worldwide super stars BTS. From music to documentaries they have been making, breaking and adding history with many of the achievements they have had so far. BTS will cover Vogue Hong Kong! The magazines will be released on January 3rd in Hong Kong

BTS’ Stun & Are Breathless In The January 2022 Issue Of GQ Korea

BTS cover GQ magazine for the January issue. On December 6, GQ Korea and Vogue Korea released the film teaser for the January issue featuring the mega stars. BTS’ GQ Korea magazine covers took over the internet when they were released. All the members had respective covers, once the new solo photos of each member…

BTS “Break the Internet: BTS” Paper Magazine Cover

BTS sat down with PAPER Magazine back in 2019 and talked about their lives, hopes and dreams for the future. PAPER Magazine described BTS as “Each member of BTS is a multifaceted artist in his own right. RM (Kim Nam-joon, 25), an agile rapper and hip-hop prodigy, serves as the group’s sagacious de facto leader…

Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS RM’s Cover

BTS’ RM covers Dispatch Winter 2021 Magazine, D-ICON ‘BTS Goes On’ issue no. 10. He may or may not know it but RM loves the camera and the camera loves him back. RM is the perfect embodiment of quintessential; strong, silent and self-contained. Strong, his natural sense of leadership, team player and open to critism….

Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS Jin’s Cover

BTS’ Jin covers Dispatch Magazine winter 2021 D-ICON ‘BTS Goes On’ issue no. 10. Jin. Mr. World. Wide. Handsome. Jin is one with the camera, the camera moves to his beautiful rythm and beat. Jin understands where to lead the lenses to get the best out of every shot that he takes.

Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS Jimin’s Cover

BTS’ Jimin covers Dispatch winter 2021 magazine, D-ICON’s BTS goes on vol. 10. Jimin knows how to work the camera so you get to see every beautiful aspect that is his body frame and facial features. He is a natural flirt whom the camera loves and flirts with right back. One of Jimin’ s best…

Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS J-Hope’s Cover

BTS’ J-Hope covers Dispatch Magazine winter 2021 D-ICON’ BTS goes on vol. 10. J-Hope is strikingly BEAUTIFUL, his perfectly sharp symetrical jaw line could literally slice brass iron in half! I kid not! We are all used to fun sunshine ‘Hobi’ but when the camera turns on and the lights flickers, we get model Sir….

Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS Suga’s Cover

BTS’ Suga covers Dispatch Magazine Winter 2021 cover, D-Icon’s BTS goes on edition vol. 10. Suga has that mysterious, moody, ‘i have a secret to tell‘ vibes whenever he faces the camera. His photo stills create a story that is up to the reader to unfold. Suga needs no effort to give the camera any…

Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS V’s Cover

V aka Kim Taehyung covers Dispatch Magazine’s Winter 2021, D-ICON BTS Goes On issue no. 10. V is known for his striking visuals and deep voice. His facial features are structured in such a way that you cannot miss him amidst a crowd of people. V exudes this certain confidence whenever the camera clicks off…