BTS’ SUGA Currently Trending With Over 1.04 Million Twitter Mentions While #SUGAatNBAJapan was #1 Most Tweeted Hashtag!

“BTS’ SUGA is still trening over 24 hours later after pics of him meeting the “Warriors” NBA basketball players. SUGA is currently in Japan and he is supposedly gouing to watch the matches that will be happening. Fans have been excited seeing SUGA meet the basketball greats as he himself is an avid basketball fan….

WATCH: “Our Island” Official Music Video Produced by SUGA of BTS

“Music producer SUGA of BTS is proving that he can produce for any genre, be music video (That That), ads/ringtone (Samsung Horizon ringtone), OST (Stay Alive) or games, he can do it all. SUGA produced the theme song for BTS’ game “BTS Island: BTS in The Seom” and the music video has just been released….