BTS Have Scooped 3 Awards at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards (PCAs)

“BTS has added four more trophies in the award collection as they scooped four awards at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards (PCAs) With their votes for their preferred films, TV shows, musicians, and more, fans have made their opinions heard at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards ceremony. Prior to the Dec. 6, three significant victors…

“Daechwita” Surpassed 400 Million Views on YouTube

“Daechwita” MV has surpassed 400 MILLION views on YouTube. AgustD (SUGA) is now the 1st BTS member to reach this mark, 2nd Korean Male Soloist to reach this mark for a music video, 3rd Korean Soloist to achieve this and 4th K-pop Soloist. “Daechwita” is now the 7th most viewed MV by Korean soloist on…

BTS’ Jin Held a Weverse Live to Celebrate His 2022 Birthday With ARMYs

“As is tradition, BTS’ Jin held a birthday Live session to celebrate his birthday. Jin has always celebrated his birthday with fans by hosting live session and he did so this year as well. He read comments, chatted and even hilariously complained that Jung Kook wasn’t there to help him blow the candles like he…

BTS ARMYs Jin Inspired Birthday Cakes for His 2022 Birthday

“BTS fans always celebrate the members’ birthdays in many different ways. Ans to commemorate the birthdays, they share the birthday cakes they bake or buy to share and celebrate with their friends and families in honor of the members.

BTS ARMYs Incredible Fanarts Designs for Jin’s 2022 Birthday

“BTS’ fans are a talented lot. They are incredible artists, creators and makers of beautiful things. ON every member’s birthday, anniversary, during events and even just because, the fans usually create fan arts as present for each of the members. The fan arts are a representative of the members or artistically created around the members.

How BTS Members Wished Jin a Happy Birthday in 2022

“It is that time of the year again and we are celebrating BTS Jin’s birthday. 4th December is Jin’s birthday and fans are already sending him birthday wishes. His band members have always sent hi birthday wishes on their official twitter account but since they opened Instagram, they also send those wishes on the app….