BTS’ Jung Kook Briefly Mentions His Military Enlistment ‘plan’ & j-hope, During His Weverse Live

“BTS’ Jung Kook recently went live on their social media up Weverse and spent a few minutes talking with fans and of course singing some songs. This time he did not spend a lot of time since he said that he had something to do early the next day so he would not be staying for too long. Jung Kook read some comments from fans. His live was titled, ” Knock Knock”

Jung Kook revealed that when it was his time to leave for the military, ARMY would not know until the last minute. This was because his solution would be to chop his hair little by little until the last minute that fans would only realize that it was time for him to leave.

“hobi hyung sent a selfie, and his gaze he looks manly. ah i need to go too. i will also go and come back. when it becomes time, ill slowly cut my hair bit by bit so you wont recognize it first, and then you’ll all of a sudden recognize huh? when did his hair become this short” Jung Kook

He said that as he had commented on j-hope’s Weverse Post where he had shared the first photo since he joined the military. Jung Kook had written under the post,

You’re cool / awesome !!!!!!!! Jung Kook

He eventually said goodnight and logged off


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