BTS ARMYs Reactions to Jung Kook’s Solution to Ease Them Into His Military enlistment

“Fans were excited to see Jung Kook come on live on Weverse as he has not held one in a while. He had been active sharing recipes and the food he cooks. In two lives he shared the whole process of cooking teh meals and even enjoyed eating ans chatting with the fans. Recently he held a live sesson which was shorter than what he usually has, though he still sang a few songs and commented on fan’s chats.

One comment that stood out of everything during his live was the comment about j-hope. j-hope is currently servung in the military, the second member after Jin. He recently posted his first official photos on his instagram and Weverse since he joined the military and Jung Kook commented on it. He said that j-hope was so cool and even joked about wanting to go too. Then added that he has a plan to ease ARMYs into accepting his leaving for the military, he said,

“ah i need to go too. i will also go and come back. when it becomes time, ill slowly cut my hair bit by bit so you wont recognize it first, and then you’ll all of a sudden recognize huh? when did his hair become this short” Jung Kook

No one is ready for either short hair Jung Kook or enlisting Jung Kook. Fans are still in sort of denial at Jin and the j-hope leaving for their enlistment so this comment has really hit a soft tender spot, we are not ready for that discussion yet!

Jungkook with short hair
Jung Kook with long hair

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