BTS’ RM is the First Member to Respond to j-hope’s First Weverse Post Since Joining The Army

“BTS’ RM is the first member to comment on j-hope’s comment on Weverse. j-hope posted his first official photos of him in uniform at the military and had a beautiful message for his fans asuring them that he is fine and he has completed his military training. j-hope joined the military on 18th April and has been training before being posted where he will serve in the South Korean military for 18 months. RM wrote under j-hope’s post,

RM was the most emotional when he was saying goodbye to j-hope during j-hope’s enlistment ceremony. He even admitted that he had a drink because of him feeling emotional about j-hope leaving. j-hope is the second BTS member to enlist after Jin who enlisted back in December 2022.


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