What is BTS’ RM Listening to? “If Only it Was Warmth” by King Krule

“BTS’ RM shared another song that he is currently listening to. It is “If Only It Was Warmth” by King Krule. Krule is an English singer, songwriter, musician, rapper and record producer. The song is deeply sad and feels regretful, some of the lyrics that are on repeat are, “Running out of space for your mistakes,” “Oh, I’m so disappointed in you,” “Running out of space for your mistakes, If only it was warmth that you held” Now, not to assume anything about the meaning behind the reason RM is currently listening to the song but we know the rapper is a deep thinker and almost a;ways over analyzes things.

It could be that he just recently discovered the artist but the probability would be that Krule could be someone he has always listened to. RM shared his current emotions with fans in a weverse letter that was both introspective and deep. His emotions felt raw and deeply sad even though the had a positive message at the end. The song is haunting and sorrowful and regretfull, hopefully its just the mood RM might be feeling but not living throuth the lyrics of the song.


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