BTS ARMYs Call on BTS’ Label to Protect Jung Kook After Death Threats Against the Artist Surface Online

“Death threats are usually a very serious issue that can never be brushed off or taken lightly. It takes a deranged person to target an individual and claim they will end their life. BTS are the biggest group in the world right now and they have faced numerous issues ranging from outright hate, racism, and even death threats. Since their debut, the members have had to deal with death threats that have been taken seriously by both the label and the police. Concerts have had to be canceled because of such threats in the past. One can never assume or push such threats from unknown sources under the rug and hope they will go away. RM, Jimin and even V have at some point received death threats in the past.

This time member Jung Kook is on the receiving end of death threats as a post has been discovered of a user on social media threatening to end the artist’s life. The user even states that he is the one who has been sending Jung Kook food and knows where the singer lives claiming that they live in the vicinity. The user even posted a photo of knives.

After someone on Instagram announced plans to kill the K-pop star in his home, the hashtag #ProtectJungkook,the phrases “TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY” “BIGHIT PROTECT JUNGKOOK” “HYBE PROTECT YOUR ARTIST” and “WE LOVE YOU JUNGKOOK” trended on Twitter. They claimed to live next door to the Jungkook and were expecting to see his name in the news proclaiming his death.

The stalker claimed to be the one who sent Jungkook food before the Jung Kook asked fans to stop via Weverse. They accused the K-pop star of being “rude” to them after he refused to take their food. They’re now claiming that killing the celebrity shouldn’t be difficult.

Fans attempted to warn Big Hit and the official BTS accounts about the death threats, but the stalker added that their account is “private,” so neither BigHit nor BTS will be aware of their plans. This didn’t stop fans from tagging both the label and official Twitter accounts in the hopes of getting their attention.


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