“j-hope in the Box” and “SUGA: Road to D-Day” Documentaries Will be Available in Theaters Worldwide!

“This summer, ARMYs (BTS fandom) will be welcomed into theaters around the world as the solo documentaries J-Hope in the Box and Suga: Road to D-Day make their theatrical debuts. Both films will be released in theaters on June 17 to mark the tenth anniversary of BTS’ debut. “J-Hope in the Box,” which debuted on Disney+ and Weverse in February, follows cameras behind the scenes as they document the making of J-Hope’s debut solo album, Jack in the Box.

“Since I’m the first one to go solo, I feel a sense of responsibility, and there’s definitely some pressure as well,” J-Hope told Rolling Stone in July 2022, when the album was released. “This album means a lot to me, and I’m proud and excited for it to be released.” j-hope (Rolling Stone)

j-hope’s solo album “Jack in The Box”

“J-Hope in the Box” also found J-Hope as he prepared for another solo career milestone without his bandmates by his side: his historic headlining performance at Lollapalooza last summer. The set marked the first time a South Korean artist headlined a main stage at a major American music festival.

“It’s actually a huge challenge for me as artist J-Hope. It’s a very important momentum to just to go forward. So I actually had to prepare really hard since it’s a very meaningful moment and an important part of my artistry. After this performance, maybe I’m going to feel a lot of things. I’m sure it’s going to help me as an artist to take the next step.” j-hope (Rolling Stone)

SUGA/Agust D first solo album “D-DAY”

“SUGA Road to D-Day,” which was released in April, was also initially available on Disney+ and Weverse. The film follows SUGA’s solo musical journey as he travels the world in search of inspiration for his solo album D-Day, which was released under his own name and as Agust D.

“The stories that I have to tell as Agust D are heavier than those of Suga, right? I don’t have much energy left in me to continue to tell those heavier stories, because I poured out my soul in this album, But after a couple of months, maybe I’ll have some more stories to tell as Agust D, or I can put stuff out as Yunki, or release things as Suga. No one knows what’s possible in the future.” SUGA (Rolling Stone)

The stories the singer has so far, encapsulated in Road to D-Day, include headlining live performances in Seoul, Tokyo, Pyeongchang, Chuncheon, Las Vegas, Malibu, and San Francisco.

“This is my first time walking down this road, I’m really excited right now. Whenever a concert ends, and I go in [and say] ‘Ah, I’m tired.’ No, like, it’s my first time doing this in my life! Even in Korea I’ve never done this before.” SUGA, Road to D-DAY documentary


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