BTS’ SUGA Earns the Highest-grossing Concerts by a Korean Soloist in US History! Revenue from Only 2/25 Reported Shows

“BTS’ SUGA aka Agust D is breaking records with his first ever solo tour as a BTS member. SUGA started his solo tour that is being held in the US, Asia, and South Korea. He is on his 7th concert which is now in Los Angeles. His “D-DAY” concert came after he released his official solo album of the same name. “D-DAY” album broke fors day records making him the first rapper to sell 1 million copies on the first day of its release. SUGA also released a documentary that will soon be released in theaters worldwide. All his shows sold out within minutes of tickets being announced even before the tickets were made available to the general public.

According to ‘touring data’, SUGA earned the highest-grossing concerts by a Korean soloist in US history, with $2.970 million each night at UBS Arena in New York on April 26-27, 2023. SUGA earned $5,940,584 Revenue ($2,970,292 avg.) with 29,414 Tickets Sold which was 100% of the tickets which means he sold out the concert venues. (14,707 avg.) $201.96 Average Price This revenue is just from the 2/25 Reported Shows which are from the UBS Arena in New York. This is not even the whole shows that he has in the US alone! Agust D really is taking over the touring world!

This only goes to show that BTS members can hold their own as solo artists and are a mega group when they come together. The members are currently focusing on their solo careers as they prepare for enlistment, with Jin and j-hope already enlisted.

SUGA has 13 Upcoming concerts, May 14 at Inglewood, CA, US Kia Forum, May 16th and 17th in Oakland, CA, US Oakland Arena where he will be finishing his US tours. Then he will head to Tangerang, Indonesia Convention Exhibition on May 26 and 28th, June 2nd and 4th he will be at Kanagawa, Japan  at Pia Arena MM. Then on June 10th and 11th he will be in Nonthaburi, Thailand at the IMPACT Arena. Jun 17th and 18th will find him in Singapore, Singapore Indoor Stadium. He will then fly back home to South Korea for his shows on Jun 24th and 25th at Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

SUGA’s performance at Kia Firum Arena


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