The “HELLO THIS IS BIGHIT MUSIC” Notification no one is Ready for or Wants

“BTS have always been transparent with information about their personal lives, careers, travels, they go live to chat about their daily lives with fans just so they can connect. While they do this, they also have an official way of comminucationg information regarding their careers, be it new releases like albums, collaborations, release of their merch and even updates on their health. This is usually done through BIGHIT MUSIC which is BTS’ label.

The information always starts with greeting from the label, “hello this is bighit music” and then the full explanation of the statement that needs to pass on the information. The notification is always welcome whenever it is an announcement about album releases especially now that every BTS member is releasing their solo projects. The downside to these notifications is the notifications about when a BTS member will be enlisting in the military also starts with ” hello this is bighit music” so ARMYs have a love and hate relationship with the start of that sentence.

These five words have once again brought dread on fans especially after two incidents occured today. One, Jin responded to a fan’s post on weverse about j-hope, asking how he was doing, whether he received the mail he sent him and even why j-hope has not called him since j-hope joined the military. The part that stood out was when Jin wrote,

“my time in the military is well spent watching you. i would absolutely recommend you do the same when the next person to enlist comes along it makes military life so much easier hehehehehehehehehe” Jin

The second thing that happened was that RM wrote a long letter on Weverse to ARMYs. The letter had a nostalgic almost sad feel as RM wondered if things would have changed when they came back. He wrote partly,

“to tell you the truth, i am both curious and a little scared to know what it will be like when i do come back, time passes so swiftly and all things change and so will i…” RM

This has led to the realization that we might be getting the “hello this is bighit music” notification sooner than we think or even hoped for. RM may be the next member to enlist and it may be sooner than expected. This is just speculation but things are pointing too much in that direction. And so ARMYs are expressing their fear that the notification may be knowking on our door, or phones anytime soon, and no one is prepared for that yet.


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