BTS’ RM Pens a Long Retrospective & Heartfelt Letter for ARMYs on Weverse

“BTS’ RM recently took to weverse to write a letter to his fans. The letter was long as is RM’s style of writting comforting letters to ARMY. The letter is very detailed about how he has been feeling or is feeling. He writes his emotions openly and lets the fans into the deepest parts of his thoughts. RM is always good with words, his lyrcism, his songs, informal speeches have always hit hard and pulled heart strings with how touching they are. Hia letter spoke of the things he has been thinking about, him feeling sad at times but trying to live in the present.

The letter has a sense of goodbye as he is looking back at their 10th year anniversary and spekaing of being afraid of being forgotten if he leaves and comes back. Would things have changed when they all return? BTS members have been enlisting in the military where Jin and j-hope have already started their service. RM is speculated he might be next and this letter is making those speculations seem more real than just thoughts..

RM has always said that he overthinks a lot and his words are always filled with little puzzles that the reader has to decipher but one thing is certain, RM will always open up his emotions to be dissected or undrstood in many different ways. This letter might just be him venting out a heavy heart or nostalgic emotions or a hidden meaning, yet it speaks to everyine that reads it, interpretation to be made by an individual

“hello everyone it’s been a while i wonder if you all are doing well i’ve been getting around, enjoying the little things in life been trying to really live in the present it’s been a good time for some introspection & getting to know who i am as a person

“these days, i’ll think of all the things i want to say
but then i’ll forget about it all over again
it’s nearing the 10 year mark since “we” came to exist [as a team]

and at times
made me curious
to hear what you all think
well no, more than sometimes, i suppose

curious about how you’re doing, what you’re thinking, your grievances, your hopes and despairs, what you believe in, what you want to believe in. what dreams you’re chasing
whether you can really feel the seasons changing

“i’ve mentioned this before, but the older i get, the more i hesitate to open my mouth to say something
i don’t really know how to describe it
but i believe it’s something about growing up
that’s taught me about the value of silence

some days, i start to see the happiness in things that used to sadden me
and then the happiness i felt about other things will sadden me to no end
i’ll look back on the things i’ve said in the past and get hit with a strange sense of unfamiliarity

and then i’ll start to look back on the veins of distant, almost unrecognizable memories
overwhelmed with a sense of regret, emptiness, and
my sense of confidence is both there and yet not quite
maybe it’s just become a sensation i’ve become comfortable with

to tell you the truth, i am both curious and a little scared to know what it will be like when i do come back
time passes so swiftly and all things change and
so will i
i think it would be irresponsible of me
to hope your love [for us] will remain unchanged

nor do i want to hold onto your coattails with tears [in my eyes]
rather than wandering around in search of love
if i can embody love itself
i want to believe that love will naturally come to those who love and to those who show a willingness to nurture that love

it’s nearly our ten year anniversary it’s a shame to think about how the longer time passes and the dust begins to settle over my heart i have to accept that there are some things that will only continue to get harder

“in a way, i suppose this may just be part of the deal
the weight that comes with matters of the heart
and all of this goes to show
just how much we shared together”

“as for me
i will spend each day thankful for the simple things in my life”

“constantly reminding myself of what has been a part of who i am
and as always
i will continue to do just fine
a “will have been p.p.” if you will”

“i understand that you all must have your fair share of challenging moments
i understand that these moments may come with a lot of pain
but i hope you will do just fine!
i will sometimes (and always) be curious about how you all are doing”

“i’d like to think
that my words, my letters
are shaped by the little ways i want to express my love to you all.
this is the way i’m doing so now!
take care in the rain ! don’t get sick !”

“& right when i’m about to slip your mind
i’ll come right back to see u
be healthy !”

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