BTS’ Jin Has More Advice for his band member j-hope Who is now Serving in the Military

“BTS’ Jin has updated on their Weverse platform for the first time in a long time. The vocalist has been serving in the military since 13th December and his fellow band member joined him on 18th April. They are seemingly not in the same base/camp but Jin commented that he’s been watching j-hope as his days go by. A fan had shared a photo of j-hope and commented that he missed the BTS member.

Jin wrote a long post under that fans post. Asking whether j-hope had received the letter he sent him and why he has not called Jin back yet.

seokjin: jwe-hope
how is it over there?
i wonder if you got caught in the rain
have you visited the px (t/n: grocery store for soldiers & visitors)
i wonder if you’ve gained any weight
have you not called because you don’t want be an inconvenience/draw attention?

seokjin: have you gotten the letter i sent you
you haven’t gotten hurt anywhere, have you
i wonder if you’ve helped the other guys there to shave their heads
i wonder if the food there is good, too
you’ve got quite a bit of time until you can take your first leave

seokjin: my time in the military is well spent watching you
i would absolutely recommend you do the same when the next person to enlist comes along
it makes military life so much easier hehehehehehehehehe

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Jin and j-hope affectionately known as “2Seok” as close and are the first members to enlist in the military. During his last Weverse live j-hope revealed that Jin uses to call him daily to find out how he was doing and even gave him advice to carry a book so as not to be bored during the time of being enlisted.


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