ARMYs Return the Love to BTS’ RM After the Heartfelt Letter He Wrote for Them

BTS’ RM recently penned a heartfelt letter on their wevesre platform where he poured out his emotions on how he was feeling. The letter has got ARMYs feeling emotional and not wanting to imagne that the letter is a sort of goodbye. Every member of BTS will eventually enlist in the military and RM is wondering in his letter whether things will ahve changed, thing like them or ARMY and what will they be like when the team returns. The fans are sending him letters and beautiful words in response to his honest letter to them. The are assuting him that they will still be here and the love will not ahve changed.

As a result fans trended several kewords that included “#ArmysLoveYouNamjoon” “WE LOVE YOU NAMJOON” “THANK YOU NAMJOON” “MOST PRECIOUS NAMJOON” “ARMYS WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE” “JOON” and “namjoon” trended at #1 world wide as fans wrote about how RM has been and will always remain precious to them.


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