BTS’ Jung Kook Pleads with Fans Invading His Privacy at Home, Warns He’ll Take Action & ARMYs Support Him

“As a celebrity, every one of them deserves their privacy and personal space. Just because you as a fan love them, does not mean that you have a right to be everywhere and most of all in their private homes or following their private schedules. BTS have been open with fans sharing more than other celebrities too and it comes to a point in their lives that they need and deserve to have privacy.

Jung Kook recently took to Weverse to plead with fans who are invading his privacy. Apparently, there are some ‘’fans’’ in quotes because real fans would not do that, who have been sending food to his home address.

“Please don’t send food delivery to my house. Even if you send it, I won’t eat it. I’m thankful for the thought but since I eat well by myself you (the sender) can buy and eat it I’m requesting. If it’s sent one more time, I’ll inquire about the order number on the receipt and take measures. Therefore, please stop” Jungkook on Weverse

It must have been something that has been happening for a long time for Jung Kook to speak about it. It is a shame that he cannot enjoy the privacy of his own home or even feel safe in it. This is not the first time that Jung Kook has been made uncomfortable. During a live stream, his doorbell rang, he walked to it, and peeked through the peephole. He probably saw no one and when he sat down, he said that he does not open the door to strangers or people he does not know.

When someone/people were calling him during his live

That leaves one to imagine that it was a random stranger ringing his doorbell. It is not only annoying but scary to think that random people will just come that close to his house. He even spoke about people following or knowing his personal schedules. His words “I’m also human”

ARMYs are angry that he has to go through this and want those people to stop

Because of this stalking behaviour Jungkook is not feeling safe in his own home. Knw ur place as a fan. He already told us to respect his personal space some time ago n nw y’all are sending food to his place. Which language do y’all understand. Leave him alone Ssngs


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