A Fan Gets Creative to Lure BTS’ SUGA To Pick their Phone to Take Selfie, The Rapper’s Reaction is GOLD!

“BTS SUGA just held his 4th concert in the US, this time he is in Chicago. SUGA has been finding ways to interact with fans during concerts which have made fans enjoy his concerts. He’s responding to them, asking questions, giving them moments to sing back the lyrics to his songs, and talking to them during intermissions. The one thing that he has kept constant was taking a fan’s phone and shooting a short clip with it in selfie mode or taking photos.

He usually walks to the barricaded part of the stage and amidst hands stretching put, he takes a phone from very lucky fans and uses it for a second to record. Day 1 and 2 he did the same. On day 3 he walked as he usually does to get the phone, while rapping he scanned all those phones being thrust at him, he shook his head, pointed to the opposite end, and did the same. When he found the phone, he was looking for, he shouted, “This is Galaxy, this is Galaxy, no iPhone!” It was no surprise the “NO IPHONE” “SAMSUNG” and “THIS IS GALAXY” trended worldwide.

Today, 4th May during his concert he once again walked towards the barricade to pick up a random phone. Something caught his eye and laughing hard pointed at a particular phone and still laughed showing it to the other fans.

The phone was not a Galaxy but had a back phone cover with the words “Samsung Galaxy” either etched or scratched on it. SUGA Had a blast laughing at the creativity. Well, he did say no iPhones, only GALAXY so ARMYs had to get creative!


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