“NO IPHONE” & WHY Everyone’s About to Switch to Samsung Galaxy Now, After Agust D’s Concert in New York

“BTS’ SUGA aka Agust D is taking his Samsung brand ambassadorship very seriously. SUGA has held three concerts in New York as parts of his D-DAY SUGA | AGUSTD Tour. He performed several songs from his old and newly released album. At these concerts it is always fun to watch the interaction between the idols and their fans. For all three days, SUGA has been walking to the crowd randomly picking an ARMY’s phone and taking a video of himself singing or Selca/selfie.

On this last day SUGA did the same thing but walked to one sectopon of the crows looked around as he stuill sang, then walked to the other end looked around as he was still singing and one lucky ARMY got teh chance to have SUGA use her phine to take another selfie or sing. But before singing and shooting the clip, he said, “This is Galaxy, this is Galaxy, no iPhone”

So Samsung better be sending him a big check because he’s over promoting the galaxy phones. And you know that BTS Midas Touch is a real thing, so now more ARMYs are going switch to Samsung Galaxy so that next time SUGA will takes their phone. Its hilarious how SUGA was looking at the phone brand while rapping before deciding on the phone to pick. But totally understandable, he is Samsung brand ambassador and did produce the ringtone for Samsung galaxy after all! And that is why “NO IPHONE” is currently trending with over 80k twitter mentions

SUGA’s “Over the Horizon” ringtone that he produced for Samsung

Yoongi walking over to ARMYs searching for a Samsung Phone

The comments

I have a galaxy omg!! When I go if I get barricade lol imma make sure yoongi knows my phones a galaxy🤭

aight imma go buy a samsung

So, I don’t have any chance. Never felt so stressed out because of having iPhone

Not me about to switch to iPhone from a galaxy 😭🤡 rethinking decisions

My man was trying real hard to find a galaxy among a sea of iphones😭

so now gotta add a galaxy to visa, plane ticket, hotel, concert ticket

me having an entire apple ecosystem but about to run to verizon and get a samsung asap 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

So lesson learn..if u ever got the front seat standing hall tickets.. BRING A SAMSUNG PHONE TO EVERY BTS CONCERT! U willl get lucky!

Is it cuz he’s a brand ambassador or is it from his Apple Music grudge from when they spoiled his mixtape 😂😂😂

Not him promoting Samsung in the middle of his concert 😭 anyways gotta go throw away my iPhone

no cuz, he was looking specifically for a GALAXY! look at him😭😭😭😭😭

im this 🤏 close to switching over to samsung

He single handedly securing the samsung galaxy bag for another 10 years🤚

So if y’all have a iPhone you have no chance whatsoever 😅

Namjoon already warned you in cypher pt. 3 change your iphone you don’t need your airplane mode, I mean don’t act surprise

HAHAHAHHAHAHA I thought about that in day 1. This man should be focused

The fact he stopped singing to say that is taking me out 😭😭😭


gotta go throw away my iphone🌚


Will make people borrow their friend’s galaxys for the concert 😭🤣

If you want Yoongi to take your phone, you better bring a Samsung phone 🤣

I feel very attacked as an iPhone user. Lol


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