Agust D’s ‘Haegeum’ Official Music Video is Out NOW!

“Agust D’s “Haegeum” official musiv video finnaly drops!

“Haegeum” is the title track off his new solo album “D-FAY” that will alse be released today 21st April 2023. Agust D is is also known as SUGA from the mega band BTS, is a rapper, composer, produre withing BTS nad also externally. He reavealed that “D-DAY” is the final installment from his series of Albums/mixtapes that he released earlier, “Agudt D” and “D-2” both of which were mixtapes that were released on soundcloud and had not been available on streaming sites unil recently.

Agust D is alsopreparing for a mini world tour where he will be visiting several continents, the first BTS member to do so. The concerts tickets were sold out in all the venues that he was to perform at in every country withing minutes of the presale even before they went to the public. Hs new album has 10 tracjs and features amazing artists. Agudt D is the fifth membe to release a solo project after. j-hope, Jin (both now enlistyed in the military), RM and Jimin.

The premier had over 100k people waiting


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