“Haegeum” by ‘Agust D’ Debuts at #1 on this Week’s Hot Trending Songs Chart Before its Official Release + 3 Hits in top 10

“Agust D’s title track for his upcoming album “D-DAY” debuts at #1 on the Hot Trending Songs Chart. This is his first solo #1 hit on the billboard chart. The song nor the album has not even been released showing how much fans are anticipating the album being dropped this coming Friday 21st April 2023. “D-DAY” will be Agust D’s final album in the trilogy that started with his two mixtapes “AgustD” and “D-2” “D-DAY” has a lineup of other featuring artists that include BTS j-hope, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Kim Woo Sung of The Rose.

He simultaneously charts 4 songs on Top 20

#1. Haegeum


#9. Snooze

#16. D-DAY


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