BTS Jung Kook’s New Calvin Klein Black & White Photos, ‘making you sweat like that’

“If you didn’t love Calvin’s before well, now you have a damn good reason to fall obsessively in love with them because of one golden maknae, Jeon Jung Kook. Jung Kook was named the global brand ambassador for Calvin Klein and the world has not known peace from all the sexiness that is Jung Kook in Calvin Klein. Mind you we have only seen him model full clothes and a mini glimpse of the brand underwear peeking. Imagine if Jung Kook modeled the underwear version of the ad campaigns. Making you sweat like that will not be just a lyric from BTS’ “Butter” but a reality.

Jung Kook’s latest photos wearing Calvin are driving the internet wild with how good, sexy, yet sophisticated the man looks. He rocks Calvin Klein jeans paired with a white Tee and a black Tee in other shots. The poses are insanely good and seductive, and you dare not look directly into his eyes.


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