BTS To Release New Theme Song for An Upcoming 3D Animated Film

“BTS will be releasing a new theme song together. The 7-member band will be releasing a new theme song as a full group for the upcoming 3D animated film Bastions. The song is slated for May 14, 2023. “Bastions” is a 3D action-hero cartoon created by Nable Communications and Jo Buem-jin, an accomplished animator best known for his 2006 X-rated black comedy “Aachi & Ssipak,” which was targeted at adults. Bastions, a group of inexperienced heroes, searches out the villains responsible for environmental damage in order to take them on.

The song, which was created before Jin’s enlisted in the military in December of last year, will be BTS’ first new music in eleven months since the anthology album “Proof,” which was released in June 2022.

Listen to the beautiful vocals in the preview


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