BTS’ ARMYs have Decoded Some of The Hidden Meanings on SUGA’s poster for His Disney Documentary “SUGA: ROAD TO D-DAY”

The songs he’ll be singing in the documentary are on the poster!

obsessively zooms in and finds seven song titles amygdala, people, people pt.2, snooze, polar night, daechwita, haegeum

Ok, theory about the “spoiler” but considering the style of photography and the map on the back: There’s an HD recording going to happen at one of the tour venues and it will either be available for streaming or be a Livestream like Lolla.

Is it about the tattoo?

So I spot 3 heads in the pic, maybe representing the 3 AgustD’s? I also spot 7 some titles. Am I missing anything else?

Weh? I didn’t see anything except for the 3 Yoongis at the back and 1 in front holding a microphone!


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