“BE LOUD ARMYs” Fans Continue to Call Out Billboard for Its Blatant Sabotage of BTS Jimin’s Achievements on the Hot 100 Chart

“Jimin of BTS made history when he became the first Korean solo artist to have a song reach number one on the Billboard charts. However, after criticizing Billboard for their lack of respect for the band and Jimin, ARMYs sparked outrage online, trending various terms. On April 11 (KST), “RESPECT BTS” and other terms, including “RESPECT JIMIN” and others that were directed towards Billboard, such “BILLBOARD CORRUPT,” began to trend on social media. After a significant difference in numbers, many fans perceived recent sales figures from Jimin as questionable. #BillboardCorrupt trended with over 1.11 million tweets

“Like Crazy” debuted at number one on Billboard’s first week of sales, therefore ARMYs were shocked when it failed to crack the top ten in the following week. However, it continued to rank highly on all other charts, including the international ones. According to fans, Billboard prediction sites in the US all predicted that Jimin’s ‘Like Crazy’ would easily enter the top 10 this week, but instead, the song dropped to #45

Fans alleged that “only 10% of the sales recognized by Billboard were recognized, while 90% of the sales predicted by the forecasting site were not.” Fans supported Jimin by buying his music because, in the case of local radio broadcasts, he was at a disadvantage. Fans worked hard to achieve this by buying songs for a full week, but all their efforts were in useless when the “rules” were abruptly modified.

Today “BE LOUD ARMYS” has taken over twitter trends as fans continue to call out Billboard for its questionable change of rules in the second week of tracking.

The Korean media is also reporting on the same, which just shows that fans are not just being loud or unsatisfied with results, but are calling for the organization to stop its sabotage without cause


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