Spend the Day With BTS’ Jimin in New York, with Pdogg & Preparing for Jimmy Fallon Performance

“BTS’ Jimin through VOGUE shared behind the scenes of his time in New York when he was preparing for his performance on the Jimmny Fallon Show. Jimin took us with him as e spent the day with their producer Pdogg as they talked about Jimin’s past and how much he has grown musically over iced coffee. Pgodd is a South Korean record producer, composer, and lyricist for Big Hit Music. He has produced and composed for artists such as 8Eight, Baek Ji-young, BTS, Jo Kwon, and Lim Jeong-hee, among others.They went to a record stpre reminiscong about their favorite music, Jimin even gished about NeYo. We alsi had the chance to see Jimin practising with the US dancers for teh song “Like Crazy”

Jimin released his first ever solo album”FACE” whic debuted with great success even earning him #1 on Billboard Hot 100 with his song “Like Crazy” which he had the first live performance on The late niht show with Jimmy Fallon. Jimin went on to perform the song on MCountdown, Inkigayo and Music Bank.


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