BTS’ Jin Updated On Social Media & He has This one ‘demand’ from Jimin

“BTS’ Jin is always hilarious and the relatable idol. Jin is currently serving in the military and once in a while he is able to post either in Weverse or Instagram. He was able to meet up with the members after serving for 100 days where one is given time with family before returning to the military. SUGA posted the picture of their reunion. Jimin has today posted on Weverse commenting on Jimin’s post.

Jimin had written,

It’s raining a lot today! Watch out for cars. I hope you have a happy day

Jin then went and wrote under that post,

Give me an album too”

Jin must be referring to the post that j-hope added on his Instagram stories where he shared a picture of the signed copy of Jimin’s album “FACE”


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