BTS’ Jimin Had a Special send off Gift for His bandmate j-hope Which has got us in our Feels

“Jimin has always been one of the members in BTS who went above and beyond to support his other members whenever they had solo activities. One of the most notable ones was when he flew from South Korea to Chicago, US for j-hope’s first ever solo concert. j-hope even mentioned and told Jimin that him being there in person was a very big help. The two members have a very close relationship.

Recently released a solo album titled “FACE” of which he sent to j-hope a signed copy. j-hope is expected to enlist in the military any time from now so it feels like a send off Gift for him. j-hope posted the picture of Jimin’s signed copy of the album on it was written,

“to jjwehope who i love i, park jimin, love you hyung, jhope” Jimin

j-hope had even gone to support Jimin during his performances on Korean music shows.

This sweet gesture just shows how close the members are and how they care about each other. This brings back memories of when j-hope surprised Jimin with a single CD of Jimin’s song “Promise” which was only available on Sound Cloud.


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