‘Agust D’ Unveils the Tracklist To His Upcoming Solo Album “D-DAY”

“Agust D has finally rekeased the tracklist for his upcoming album “D-DAY” set to be released on 21st April 2023. The album has 10 sings and has featured several collaborations which include j-hope, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Woosung of The Rose and IU. BTS are on a journey of solo projects as they prepare to serve in the military and so far 4 out of the 7 members have already released their solo projects. j-hope was the frst member to release his album, “Jack In the Box” followed by Jin “The Astronaut”, RM “Indigo” and Jimin’s “FACE” SUGA/Agust D also has a world tour lined up where he will be visiting several countries with tickets sold out withing minutes of being released to the public.

The tracks on the album are

1: D-Day
2: HaeGeum (Prod. Agust D)
3: HUH (feat. j-hope) (Prod. Agust D)
4: Amygdala
5: SDL (Prod. Agust D)
6: People Pt. 2 (feat IU)
7: GeukYa/Polar Night (Prod. Agust D)
8: Interlude: Dawn (Prod. Agust D)
9: Snooze (feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Kim Woosung of The Rose)
10: Life Goes On


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