Agust D’s “D-DAY” Album Schedule, Main Track MV, a Dance Practice, and a Follow Up track MV

ET (Eastern Standard Time) KST (Korean Standard Time)

D-Day tracklist 9/4/23 (ET), 10/4/23 (KST)

SUGA “Road to D-DAY” Poster 11/4/23 (ET), 12/4/23 (KST)

Glitch Film 13/4/23 (ET), 14/4/23(KST)

Concept Photo 01 16/4/23 (ET), 17/4/23 (KST)

Concept Photo 02 17/4/23 (ET), 18/4/23 (KST)

Min Track Official Teaser 19/4/23 (ET), 20/4/23 (KST)

Main Track Official MV 21/4/23 0:00 (ET), 13:00 (KST)

SUGA “Road to D-DAY Documentary 21/4/23 0:00 (ET), 13:00 (KST)

Main Track Dance Practice Video 22/4/23 9:00 (ET), 22:00 (KST)

Min Track Live Clip 22/4/23 (ET), 23/4/23 (KST)

Follow Up Track Official MV 24/4/23 (ET), 25/4/23 (KST)


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