BTS’ Jimin Held Weverse Live To Thank ARMYs for His First ever Win On Billboard Hot 100 & Chatted for a Bit

“BTS’ Jimin went on Weverse live to speak with ARMY (BTS fandom) and thank the fans for all the support they have given hima and his album. He talked about how he was still in disbelife and was still processing the news. He said that j-hope called him immediately and RM also called him and told him how proud he was. Jimin spoke about his father calling him to say that he was proud of him. Jimin read some funny comments and responded to fans’ questions about SUGA’s tour. He are some extracts from his live

“it doesn’t seem real so i don’t know what to say. so i thought it’d be better to say it out loud, which is why i came on live. everyone, thank you so much. ahhh i’d scream, but i’m at home, so… yes. thank you so so much. i really don’t know what to say. thank you so much. to be honest, i told you guys already, but uh…. idk what to say. im not sure what emotions im feeling right now, so i think it’s hard to express myself today”

“hobi hyung, thank u so much. he called me right away, so i just called him earlier. thank you so so much”

“namjoon hyung called me too, i heard from my leader that he was proud of me”

“my dad called me too, saying he’s proud of me. when my dad first heard the album, he said he was upset and cried. but that album has received so much love. yea.. i dont know. when he heard the song, he said the lyrics were sad and that he felt sad as my dad. i was surprised”

“this is tmi, but i rested today. and i must’ve ate too fast and i got indigestion. i couldn’t even go on my phone until morning bc i was so tired and have a fever. i kept thinking about how i have to write a letter to you guys, but bc of indigestion i couldn’t do it. but what’s really funny is that i still wanted to keep eating. so i kept eating with an upset stomach. i felt better starting dinnertime though.”

“my voice is weird? bc i threw up a lot until this morning, so my throat is bad rn. and i didn’t talk much too. thank you so much everyone. ill think about my thoughts and write it down on here. i didnt know what to say. this album is so precious to me.. anyway, ill try to organize my thoughts well. im sorry for doing this so long at such a late time. its already 4am”

“ill get going, ill sleep. i love you. thank you to fans overseas as well. everyone, have a happy day. i love you, and thank you so much. im so proud of bts, and everyone who worked on the album. thank you so much for today, i was so happy. i will work hard and do well. thank you so much.”

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