BTS’ Jung Kook for Calvin Klein? Here’s the Teaser

“Calvin Klein has shared a short clip featuring a model for their Calvin Klein brand. The short teaser has a short caption, “same time tomorrow” in the clip it is not hard, for OG ARMYs to know it is BTS’ Jung Kook in the clip. Short reveals of the face and hands which show a glimpse of a small tattoo that fans know it belongs to the youngest member of BTS, Jung Kook. It’s no surprise as there have been many spoilers of an eventual collaboration between Calvin Klein and Jung Kook.

Back in January, Jungkook became a major Twitter topic after Cedric Murac, the global head of creative at Calvin Klein, began to follow Jungkook on Instagram. There were even memes of the expectation vs. reality of Jung Kook modelling for Calvin Klein. All this craze of fans wanting Jung Kook to model for the brand started during BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage” in LA when Jung Kook flashed his abs revealing Calvin Klein underwear. He took over twitter trends and Calvin Klein trended as well. Twittersphere was ablaze not only for Jung Kook’s abs but his sneak peak of his Calvin Klein underwear.


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