BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” Has Achieved #1 on iTunes in all 8 of The Biggest Music Markets in the World!

“Like Crazy” has achieved an All-Kill in the Top 8 iTunes Biggest Music Markets. BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” has achieved #1 on iTunes in the 8 major music markets in the world. The song achieved #1 in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Canada, and Australia. “Like Crazy” now joins JIMIN “Set Me Free Pt.2”, and Taeyang “VIBE Feat. JIMIN” as the Only songs by Korean /K-pop act to achieve 100 #1 on iTunes Worldwide in 2023 so far! This makes Jimin the Soloist with the MOST numbers of songs hitting this incredible milestone of 100 iTunes #1’s across the globe (5 songs)!

🇺🇸 US — #1
🇯🇵 Japan — #1
🇩🇪 Germany — #1
🇬🇧 UK — #1
🇫🇷 France — #1
🇧🇷 Brazil — #1
🇨🇦 Canada — #1
🇦🇺 Australia — #1 (+1)


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