BTS Jimin Finally Reveals His Full Set of “Moon” Phase Back Tattoos

“We finally got glimpse of Jimin’s moon tatoos on his back. Jimin and Jungkook were the only members who had tattoes before they all agreed to have a ‘7’ tatoo’. Jimin has having several of them. Jimin has tattos on his hand, rib cage, back of his arms, his finger and back. On his back are moon tattoos that were his latest addition. He spoke during a Live session that he was inpired by a fan’s fan art and even showed the picture to fans during the live.

Jimin’s inspiration for his moon tatoos on his back

Jimin’s full tattoos on his back is the full phases of the moon

The first time we saw a glimpse of the tatoo was duing their “Permission to dance” concert where eagle eyed fans noticed the moon tatoo peaking from the back of his neck

The second time fans got a peak of the tatoo again was when he was at the airport and was wearing a white mesh like top that showed shadow’s of the other tatoos. At that point fand only knew that Jimin had one moon tatoo, so speculation started about him having the full eclipse moon tatoo collection on his back

When his music video “Set Me Free” at the ending scene we were able to see the moon tatoos and more visible shadows of the other moon tatoos


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