BTS’ V Shared More Pictures from His ELLE Korea Magazine Photoshoot, he Looks Like a 15th Century Dream

“BTS’V shared more images from his ELLE Korea magazine photoshoot and jaws are on the floor! Fans are once again amazed at BTS member Kim Taehyung, aka V’s visuals in the additional images from his photoshoot for ELLE Korea and CELINE. Following his announcement as the cover star of ELLE Korea’s April 2023 edition, V has been in the news. His joint photoshoot for the high-end brand CELINE, which included his unmatched aesthetics, caused a tremendous stir on social media. V radiated the charisma and attraction of the archetypal bad guy, evoking the image of enduring heartthrobs from earlier eras in the previews of his editorial feature in ELLE Korea.

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