BTS’ Jimin Is Next Guest on SUGA’s “SUCHWITA” Show Episode 7

“The teaser for “SUCHWITA” episode 7 has been released and the special guest is none other than fellow bandmate Jimin. The 1 minute teaser features, as usual, the guest covered by a cube of salt/sugar, but ARMY would know those lips and that laugh anywhere in the world. Jimin will release is solo album in just a few days, 24th March 2023 and is scheduled to debut the new song on several live shows like Jimmy Fallon.

RM was the first guest on “SUCHWITA” and he had just released his solo album. Jimin will have released his solo album since the show is set to air on March 27 at 10PM KST on YouTube Channel BANGTANTV. Jimin has been the biggest cheerleader of SUCHWITA always mentioning and even sharing clips of the show on Weverse with comments, so he’s finally getting to live both his dream and ARMYs dream of seeing him on the show


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