HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk Clarified on BTS’ Comeback in 2025 & the Status of the Members’ Contract Renewal with The Label, as It Expires Soon

“Bang Si-hyuk the chairman of HYBE spoke about BTS’ comeback in 2025 after all the members have enlisted. He confirmed that their return date was not something set in stone that they will return in 2025, but was a hope that they will be able to be back together in 2025. He also explained that as for the military dates for the remaining members he would not discuss it since it was a private matter, he will only give the information once the member’s schedules are confirmed and the actual dates of enlistment once it has been set.

Regarding BTS signing another contract once the current one expires, reportedly in 2024. Bang Si-hyuk said that they will have that discussion once that time of expiry finally reaches as they have not had any discussion as of now. He spoke this during Kwanghun Forum.

Photo: KpopHerald

“We still have time left (until the contract ends). We’ll discuss (with the members) within the time, and I believe it will be right for us to speak about it after the discussion ends.” HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk

“The enlistment schedules (of each member) are private information, so I cannot speak about it here. But we will disclose the dates in order transparently once their schedules are confirmed.” HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk

“We said we ‘hope’ the members can resume in 2025, not ‘will.’ BTS and the firm will both work for it, but it doesn’t mean we can target then(2025).” HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk


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