Get the Chance to Win an ‘exclusive unreleased’ Jimin Photocard by Sharing your fanart of Jimin’s Concept Photos

“Talented ARMYs hear is your chance to put your talents to work. BIGHIT MUSIC announced a competition titled, “Jimin’s Solo Album <FACE> Release Event “My Favorite FACE of Jimin” Event” where 50 lucky winners will win an exclusive unreleased Jimin photocard. All you have to do is recreate or create your version of any of Jimin’s concept photos, share on Weverse and you stand chance to win. The competition will end on 20th March 2023. Read the full instructions on how to enter.

This is your BTS fan club manager.

To celebrate the release of Jimin’s first official solo album <FACE>, we are hosting the “My Favorite FACE of Jimin” event where participants can freely create artwork based on the concept photos.
Please see below for more details on how ARMY can participate.

[Event Period]
From 3 PM, Monday, March 13 to 3 PM, Monday, March 20, 2023 (KST)

[How to Participate]
1. Admire the concept photos of each version of Jimin’s solo album <FACE> again and again!
2. Choose the concept photo you like and create a work in the form of your choice – fanart, wallpaper, concept photo decoration, etc.!
3. Post your work on BTS Weverse with the hashtag #My_favorite_FACE_of_Jimin to participate!

*Your chance of winning will increase if you write and express your love towards Jimin in your Weverse post.

[Winner Announcement]
After 6 PM, Monday, March 27, 2023 (KST)

[Number of Winners]

[Reward for Winners]
1 exclusive unreleased photocard

[Important information]
– The post must include the hashtag #My_favorite_FACE_of_Jimin  to be eligible.
– You will be excluded from winning if fraudulent acts are discovered, such as entering with someone else’s work or stolen designs.
– Users who post images that recreate, damage, or compose the artist’s portrait with malicious intentions will be excluded from the selection of winners and blacklisted on BTS Weverse.
– A winner may be disqualified if a fraudulent act is discovered even after being selected.

[Information on Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information]
* By participating in the event, you will be deemed to have agreed to the collection and provision of your information.
* Personal information recipient: Weverse Company
* Purpose and use of personal information: Winner identity verification and gift shipment
* Personal information provided: Name, phone number, address, nickname on BTS Weverse
* Information retention and usage period: Information to be deleted within 7 days of shipping
* The event prizes will be shipped out within a month after the winner announcement.
– Due to COVID-19, we are unable to ship to an increasing number of countries and regions. As such, shipping may be delayed or impossible to certain regions or countries. Thank you in advance for your generous consideration. We will send an additional email to winners residing in countries and regions where shipping may not currently be possible.

We look forward to ARMY’s enthusiastic participation.
Thank you.


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