BTS Jimin’s ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ Official Music Video Finally Drops!

“Jimin of BTS’ prerelease track “Set Me Free Pt. 2 Official Music Video finally drops!. The song is off of Jimin’s first ever solo album “FACE” which will officially be released on 24th March. “Set Me Free” talks about Jimin being ready for what is to come, not caring about who wants to deter him from moving forward, being set free from the past and looking at the new him. The video ends with him appearing dressed in all white from the dark aesthetic that he had on from the beginning of the video. His vocals are marvelous, strong and sinks you into the abyss that is Jimin’s impressive vocal range.

This is a song to listen to like a million times, not just because of Jimin’s unique and beautiful voice, but the message as well which is empowwering and picks you up of you ae feeling like the ghosts of the past are holding you back!

The premiere had over 200k people waiting, 160k likes and over 10k comments



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