BTS’ SUGA Celebrated His Birthday by Donating to SAVE the Children Organization for Emergency Relief in Turkey and Syria

“BTS’ SUGA celebrated his birthday in a unique way! Save the Children revealed on March 9, SUGAs birthday, that “BTS member Suga has donated 100 million won [approximately $75,900] for emergency relief in Turkey and Syria following severe damage from a record-breaking earthquake.” Two severe earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on February 6; two further earthquakes struck the two countries later in the month.

“So many children and families have suffered significant damage as a result of this earthquake. My heartfelt condolences go out to the survivors and victims. I hope that this will be of some assistance to children affected by the earthquake, and that this [donation] will be used to provide relief goods for children.” SUGA

Save the Children will use Suga’s donation to purchase winter blankets, mattresses, school supplies, and other necessities for the affected areas. Following the first catastrophe, BTS’s agency HYBE gave Save the Children 500 million won (about $388,900) while members J-Hope and Jimin each gave 100 million to the Korean Committee for UNICEF.

This is not the first birthday donation SUGA has made donations. In order to fulfill a promise, he had made to supporters’ years earlier, he gave gifts of Korean beef to 39 orphanages in 2018. To commemorate his birthday in 2019, he contributed 100 million won and 329 dolls under the name ARMY (official fan club name). Suga has given on his birthday throughout his career, supporting causes including COVID-19 prevention, pediatric cancer patients, wildfire victims, and more.



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