BTS Members’ Special Birthday Messages for SUGA’s 2023 Birthday

“BTS’ SUGA received birthday wishes from his fellow band members. We know they all probably sent him personal messages or might have gone to spend the birthday with him. The members have always wished each other birthday messages on their social media. For the longest time, it was on their official Twitter handles or Weverse. Since they opened their Instagram accounts, they also post birthday messages and tag the member celebrating. Jin has always been the first to wish the members happy birthday but being in the military, he gets the chance to wish them at some point.

Jin wished j-hope during his birthday and today he wished SUGA a happy birthday by adding a comment under Jung kook’s comment on SUGA’s birthday Weverse live. j-hope was the first member to wish SUGA on Twitter, while RM posted a birthday message by screenshotting SUGA’s Weverse live video and adding his wishes. Jung Kook, Jimin and V wished SUGA happy birthday by commenting on his birthday live.


yoongi hyung happy birthdaaayyyyyyy!!! 2021 vibe… #/Smile Angel _ That In and Of Itself #/That Time _ That Season #HappyBirthdaySUGA#HAPPYSUGADAY




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