BTS Members Being the Biggest Enthusiasts of “yoongi marry me,” SUGA is Never Living It Down

“How does it feel to receive 3 marriage proposals from celebrities on your birthday? can’t realate? well BTS’ SUGA can totally relate! SUGA held his birthday live as is the custome with BTS members to celebrate their birthdays with ARMY. He chatted with fans and read comments and even played the guitar after almost 2 years since he last played, which was just before he went to get his surgery. He even played the same song that he played back then.

In the comments were teh susual fans wishing SUGA happy birtday and sending countless marrigae proposals to SUGA. And of course his fellow band members were also spamming the comments (mostly j-hope, jimin and V) Jimin, j-hope and Jung Kook wrote the ARMY inside joke “yoongi marry me” while Jimin just wrote “marry me!” The phrase has now become a SUGA legacy as the request is always wherever he is.

The “YOONGI MARRY ME” sign/poster appeared when SUGA was at a basketball game, it was there when he attended the Valentino fashion show, it also appeared during his movie premier attendance recenly so, SUGA is never living it down. Some fans kept saying that the phrase had become boring, over used, etc, but it seems many fans and including BTS members are not ready to stop proposing to SUGA, maybe until one day he says yes, but even then, who knows…





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