Over 15 Million Fans Watched a Candle after BTS’ Jung Kook fell Asleep During a Weverse Live

“And that is what you call true loyalty from fans, watchung a candle burn and listening to Jung Kook softly snorng sleeping away. BTS’ Jungkook deleted his instagram account and promised that he would be doing more Weverse lives from time to time. Well he kept his promise and held a short VLive where he chatted and answeresd some fan’s questions, danced to “Hype Boy” by New jeans, then suddenly lay down out of the camera focus saying “take your time and within minutes you could hear him softly snoring.

The live went on for a few minutes with the camera showing the candle still lighting and Jung Kook’s snoring could be heard in the background. He must have been so tired. Suddenly the live was turned off and now it is no longer available on weverse

The announcement that Jungkook is goinf live

Jung Kook’s live no longer on Weverse

But I wouldn’t put it past him to start the live again when he wakes uo and realizes it has been turned off


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