ARMYs Hilarious Memes of BTS’ Jung Kook Walking into HYBE the Next Day vs. Staff Trying to End the Live after Jung Kook fell asleep

“You gotta love ARMYs (BTS’ fandom) for their creativity and meme making ability. Jung Kook went live recently and in the middle of the live stream fell asleeep leaving fans to watch a candle burn for several minutes before the live was turned off. No one knows who switched it off so they can only ahve thir imagination of what might happen after. No sooner had the live ended than fans started sharing video memes of Jung Kook walking to HYBE building all humble after fallins asleep during a live. And of course there were meme videos of HYBE staff reaction to trying to switch off the live!

Here are our favorite memes for the whole situation 🙂 for a good laugh

HYBE staff reaction memes


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