WATCH: BTS j-hope’s ‘on the street’ Music Video Official Teaser

“BTS’ j-hope has released his official music video teaser for his upcoming new single “ON THE STREET”. The song will be released on 3r March 2023. The music teaser shows j-hope walking towards J-Cole, an American rapper and producer. J. Cole is one of j-hope’s biggest rap influences as he even mentions him on their song “HipHop Lover.” During j-hope’s  performance at Lollapalooza, he and Jimin met J.Cole at the venue and even took photos with him. Unsurprisingly, he would feature him in his upcoming solo song.

Since the new single is called “on the street” we look forward to seeing whether he has featured other artists in the song. J-hope began as a street dancer winning several dance competitions up until the national competition. He joined BigHit Music (now HYBE) first before becoming the amazing rapper he is today.


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