BTS’ SUGA Attended The “Devil’s Deal” Movie VIP Premiere

“BTS SUGA was spotted on the red carpet for the VIP Movie premiere of “The Devil’s Deal” SUGA greeted fans amidst an uproar of cheers as he stepped onto the red carpet. “The Devil’s Deal” is a 2021 South Korean drama thriller film directed by Lee Won-tae. It stars Cho Jin-woong, Lee Sung-min and Kim Mu-yeol. It is slated to release theatrically in South Korea on March 1, 2023.

Betrayals and conspirations of three men who make dangerous deals for money, power, and honor.
Set in Busan in 1992, the story revolves around Hae-woong (Cho Jin-woong), a candidate for the National Assembly, Sun-tae (Lee Sung-min) a hidden powerhouse in politics, and Pil-do (Kim Mu-yeol), a gangster who fight fiercely to overturn the game by holding secret documents that will shake the Republic of Korea.


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