Here’s Why “Hello This is BIGHIT MUSIC” is Giving ARMYs Whiplash & Their Relatable Reactions

“Never has a phrase sent shivers down fans’ spine than the infamously 5 words, “Hello this is BIGHIT MUSIC” and today those five words had two very different emotion inducing powers. j-hope’s enlistment preparation to the military was announced earlier by BTS’ label and fans have been wishing j-hope all the best but feeling sad at having to say goodbye to their idol. Several hours later, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that j-hope will be releasing a solo single. Talk about a whiplahs and 360 degrees turn around of emotions!

The fear of “Hello this is BIGHIT MUSIC grew last year when the members of BTS started to be affected by covid while they were to perform at the GRAMMYS. All members eneded up getting covid at different times, so it was always “Hello this is BIGHIT MUSIC and fans shuddered at who had gotten covid. From then on “Hello this is BIGHIT MUSIC” is usually taken with suspicion before reading the contents. Fans usually open the email with poker face and then react after knowing what is inside. Today was such a day


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