BTS’ Jin Hilariously Warns j-hope ‘not to make eye contact’ With Him When He Enters the Military, here’s Why

“BTS’ Jin and j-hope are the chaotic friends in BTS. They have their own language and are always commenting on each other’s posts, asking each other for drinks, they are the best of frinds. After the news of j-hope’s enlistment news, Jin has been active on Weverse chatting with j-hope. He posted a welcome message and is now warning j-hope not to make eye contact with him onece he joins the ARMY. Jin told j-hope that he will soon be a private, which is a higher rank to j-hope’s trainee position once he joins. In typycall j-hope fashion, he commented with saluting emojis. Jin then scolded him about the correct way to salut, why are they like this?

JIN is always present for j-hope, always being the first to wish him a hapy birthday and sending him gifts and now he responded to j-hopes enlistment news trying to make it light for both fans and his bandmate

Then we have j-hope saluting Jin

And of course Jin correcting him

ARMYs reactions to the interaction


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