“JIMIN JIMIN” Currently Trending With Over 1.21 Million Tweets After Release of Jimin’s Track list for His Solo Album “FACE”

“BTS’ Jimin has taken over the twitter trends after the announcement of the track list for his solo album “FACE” Jimin will be joining his three other members, j-hope, Jin and RM in releasing their first solo projects. The schedule had been shared earlier and now fans can get to know the songs that the incredible album will have. The album is set for release in early March and is expected to be a great success judging from how top notch BTS’ albums, and songs are.

Other key words that were trending included, “jimins” “jiminie” “mimi” “OMG JIMIN” “ENGLISH VERSION” one of the songs on the album has an english version, “tony montana” Jimin has a duet with SUGA on the songs and fans are now anticipating another collaboration with SUGA, and “JIMIN IS COMING”


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