Where to Buy Jimin’s First Solo Album “FACE” & Everything Included in The Package

“BTS Jimin’s album will be dropping next month, and it will be having 2 versions, “Invisible Face” and ” Undefinable Face” BIGHIT recently announced Jimin’s first ever solo album will be coming in various stores with pre orders starting on 22nd February to March 23rd. the album comes packaged with goodies as expected, from photo cards to lyrics notes to a beautifully designed box, “FACE” is definitely an album to look forward to.

We would like to provide information on the pre-order of Jimin’s first official solo album “FACE”, scheduled for release on Friday, March 24.

You can place your pre-order of the CD and Weverse Albums through online and offline retailers starting Wednesday, February 22. Below are the details of each retailer.

Pre-order Dates
Wednesday, February 22 to Thursday, March 23, 2023

“FACE” Pre-order Retailers
Various online and in-person records shops

“FACE” (Weverse Albums ver.) Pre-order Retailers
Please check the information below before you make the purchase as retailers vary per country.

[Korean retailers]
Various online and in-person records shops

[Japanese retailers]

  • BTS Official Shop / Universal Music Store

[USA retailers]

  • Weverse Shop USA

[European retailers]

  • Weverse Shop GLOBAL

“FACE” CD and Weverse Album Shipping Schedule
The shipping for all countries and regions will begin in order starting on the release date (March 24)
*Purchase and shipping information for the “FACE” vinyl record will be announced at a later date.

Album Components

  • Total of 2 versions [Invisible Face / Undefinable Face]
  • Photobook (1 type for each version) / W170 x H240 (mm)
  • CD Envelope(1 type for each version) / W120 x H120 (mm)
  • CD – R (1 type for each version)
  • Photocard A (3 types for each version) / W54 x H86 (mm)
  • Photocard B (1 Random out of 3 types per version) / W54 x H86 (mm)
  • Postcard (1 type for each version) / W125 x H185 (mm)
  • Large Postcard (1 type for each version) / W156 x H224 (mm)

[FACE (Weverse Albums ver.)]

  • Total of 1 version
  • Outer Box (1 type) / W132 x H92 (mm)
  • Wrapping Paper (1 type) / W124 x H172 (mm)
  • Booklet (1 type) / 28pages / W84 x H124 (mm)
  • Lyrics Paper (1 type) / W504 x H124 (mm)
  • User Guide (1 type) / W84 x H124 (mm)
  • QR Postcard (1 type) / W84 x H124 (mm)
  • Writing Note (1 type) / W80 x H114 (mm)
  • Photocard (1 Random out of 2 types) / W54 x H86 (mm)
    Please contact your retailer for more detailed information on placing your pre-order for “FACE”.
    We look forward to the love and support from all fans.
    Thank you.


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