How BTS Members Wished j-hope a Happy 2023 Birthday

Here’s how the members wished j-hope a happy birthday.

Jimin surprised j-hope during his birthday VLive

Jin posted the birthday message on j-hope’s instagram post that V also commented on. Jin wrote “Jwehope, happy birthday”

V commented on j-hope’s latest instagram post. V (@thv) wrote, “happy birthday jhope”

V also posted on his instagram account tagging j-hope.

RM wished j-hope a great birthday on his instagram acount. He recorded a message for j-hope on his instagram stories saying “Happy birthday bro, jhooopee~ “

SUGA commented on j-hope’s Weveerse birthday live. He even made a birthday cake for j-hope

Yoongi’s birthday cake for j-hope

j-hope reshared the birthday wishes on his own instagram account, including from CRUCH whom he collaborated with for the song “Rush Hour”


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